PreCourse Week 1: Getting to grips with Git

The Makers Academy PreCourse takes place in the four weeks prior to the three month bootcamp and involves completing set challenges and going through learning materials remotely from wherever you’re based.

Our first challenge was based on understanding the command line and git. Our task? A murder mystery to be solved by using only the command line to navigate a huge number of files and search for clues. Ummm, what? I’ve only been using the command line to execute my .rb files so far… which I made in SublimeText… and I’m not allowed to use that?!

Thankfully, the instructions were pretty kind to us programming newbs, and held our hands through the whole process. Plus, there were plenty of learning materials to accompany the task as well. Phew!


But regardless of all the help, I still didn’t really get git. Could I do the task again without the instructions a second time? Probably not. Was I using the right resources? Was it just the freakish British Summer heatwave muddling my brain?

And this is where meeting up with some others from the cohort comes into it. I’d completed the challenge, but I really wanted to talk it out with someone else.

After changing our meeting place twice, we finally settled on gathering at the Ace Hotel. It proved really useful and was a great way to start getting to know the rest of the cohort. Going through the Codecademy Learn Git and Git Immersion tutorials helped to cement my newfound knowledge and made me realise how much had already sunk in. So that’s that. 1 week down… 15 to go!

Week 1 done!

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