Testing out TDD

On Tuesday evening, after a solid day of working on Week 3 of the PreCourse at Google Campus, I ventured over to the Entrepreneur First offices in Bermondsey to attend my first coding MeetUp.

It was organised by Ladies of Code and focused on TDD: Test Driven Development. As part of the PreCourse so far, we’ve touched upon this concept, in running RSpec scripts to check some of our code submissions, but in reality I couldn’t tell you much about how you actually go about demonstrating TDD in the professional programming space. Until now that is.

There were three speakers, Georgina, Ina (a MA graduate) and Natalia who explained, demonstrated and then challenged us with TDD. It was so useful seeing Ina’s TDD process live in solving a kata. She wrote her tests while simultaneously developing her code and so when Natalia gave us a TDD task on GitHub to work through by ourselves or in pairs, I was actually able to understand the process a lot better.

Even though the TDD task was based in JavaScript, which I hadn’t had any experience of yet, I completed the challenge. At first I thought “I don’t know any JavaScript! I can’t do this!” but with some encouragement from Natalia, I took to Google to find the JS translations of how I would write the code in Ruby. Before I knew it, I had coded something in JS. This gives me such reassurance for the Makers Academy course as I know I won’t have nearly as much time with new languages as I have had with Ruby so far.

I left the Ladies of Code MeetUp feeling much more confident about what I’d taken in so far and keen to learn more about TDD, as I know it will enable me to improve my coding skills faster. It was also really lovely meeting some of the friendly female faces in the London coders network.




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