The May 2016 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday evening, we were invited to see the May 2016 cohort present their final projects to their family and friends. I was warned that I would be blown away, and boy, I was. These projects did not disappoint.

It was both intimidating and reassuring to see how high the standard was. Having not been to one of these evenings at Makers prior to signing up, I had found it difficult to picture where I would be at the end of the bootcamp, but seeing these projects gave me a real boost of confidence that in 13 weeks time, I might be a pretty competent web developer.

There were some truly fantastic ideas, ranging from a motion-responsive smart mirror, to location-based reminder apps, to search engines coded in only-just-created languages. Some of the presentations went straight over my head. I was very aware of the fact that I don’t know enough yet to understand how technically difficult some of these projects might have been. It will be interesting when the next cohort have their graduation in 6 weeks. I hope by then I will be able to follow the ideas a bit better.

It was clear that everyone had overcome some enormous challenges over the last two weeks to produce their final products. With such a variety of ideas, it was difficult to compare them. If I had to be picky, I felt that the presentations which really stood out were the ones which effectively conveyed the difficulties they had in producing the final outcome and the ones with real business potential, and monetisation possibilities (that’s my corporate background talking).  But in all honesty, they were all pretty impressive. So impressive that I totally forgot to take any photos for my blog!

Since Friday, I’ve vowed to keep a record of any idea I have over the course of the bootcamp, from now until we start the final project. I already have a couple of ideas that I’d like to do a bit more research into. I would love to have a project that could be extended and developed beyond graduation. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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