PreCourse Week 3: Building a Student Directory

Thankfully, the July cohort were right when they reassured us that Chris Pine week (aka PreCourse Week 2) would be the most difficult, and once over that hurdle, it would be an easier ride for the remainder.

But was what we did actually easier? I am not sure it was that much easier and here’s why. Our first week was a walkthrough of the command line for beginners. We then took on Ruby and Chris Pine, which was quite a leap in terms of difficulty and work volume. This week we continued with our Ruby education, but the challenge was considerably shorter and the step up in difficulty was a lot smaller. I don’t think I would have found this week’s task any easier than the Chris Pine work had the order of weeks 2 and 3 been swapped over.

So what was our task this week? We had to create a directory. A list of names. Yep, you read that correctly. We had to create a program which allowed the user to input a list of names, to save them, print them and load them from a file. And then we had a few prompts to add some extra functionality, but that was the basis of our program. And here it is:

The August cohort are a bright bunch!

What was nice about this task was that at the end, I had finally created something useful from scratch. Not just fragmented methods, but a complete, albeit basic, working programme.

So with that done, it was time to pick up a few extra honor points on Codewars.



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