PreCourse Week 4: Pre-pair-ing for Bootcamp

1.. 2.. FIZZ! 

Ring any bells? What if I continue? 4.. BUZZ! That innocent Fizzbuzz game teachers made you play in primary school to learn your times tables that you corrupted by turning into a drinking game at uni? Oh yeahhh… That. That was our task this week. Our aim was to create a FizzBuzz program, a pretty straightforward task by our standards now, except we were to use it as an opportunity to pair program and to start incorporating TDD into our coding habits.

I’ve been coding for 6 weeks now. All of that time, I’ve been coding by myself and my idea of Test-Driven Development has generally meant blindly bash some code out, run it in Terminal and then edit it if it doesn’t work how I want it to. So far, it’s worked quite well for me, but then again, this is still the early stages and eventually I won’t have the time to keep messing around until I get something that works and or the check that it works for all the scenarios I need it to work for. Also, it can get a bit dull just working by yourself the whole time and two brains are almost certainly better than one. So pairing and TDD are good habits to develop.

Pair purrfection

I was a bit nervous about pairing. I can be quite particular about how I work and how I approach a problem, so it was a good thing that we had a simple kata to work on to ease us in. It went well. Within a few hours we had finished the challenge, reversed roles and then done the challenge again.

The amount of work this week was considerably less than we’ve had in other weeks. I think it’s organised that way specifically to allow everyone to rest up before the manic of the next twelve weeks really kicks off. Whatever the reason, I’ve taken my mentor’s advice to chill out before we start properly. And that might mean sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix…



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